Our Bakery

Started in 2012, we are a small-batch bakery based in Comer, Georgia. Everything is hand-made from scratch. 

Our breads are naturally leavened by sourdough cultures, hand-shaped and baked in our stone hearth oven.  

We only use organic flours and grains and never use corn syrup, preservatives, artificial colors or dyes.  Our whole wheat is sourced from DaySpring Farms, right here in Madison County!  All of our whole grains are freshly ground before use in our stone mill.    

We use only the best, local, and seasonally available produce in our pastries.  

Currently, you can find our breads and pastries at the following locations:


Athens Locally Grown

Comerian Bakery

1990 Main Street, Comer, GA



Comerian Bakery

1990 Main Street, Comer, GA